Get Awesome Designs For Banner Ads With Effortless Ease

We know banner advertising can help businesses a great deal and help them grow as well. We also know that this from of advertising helps businesses get a solid foothold in the digital world. Beautiful banners ads are created and spread across the channels online so that brand ideas could be conveyed in a desired manner. These ads are designed to catch the attention of customers on the internet and seek some prospects out of them. If banner ads lack quality, users won’t show any interest in them and your ideas might not reach to the target audience in the desired manner.

More so, not all businesses however are capable of having a team of graphic designers to create ads for them. Big brands can surely afford hiring designers and leveraging their creativity but cash-strapped entities just can’t afford such kind of privilege. So, businesses that have modest advertising budget always look for a solution or tool that can help them get charming ads without spending beyond a bare minimum. They too want to reach to their target audience even if they lack the means and resources for the same. They too want attractive ads to be placed across channels in the internet and boost their branding.

So, is there any solution for small-budget companies to benefit from banner advertising in the same manner as leaders of the domain do? Such businesses should try to search the market and choose from a category of products offering features and freedom to design attractive designs. They should select only a feature-rich tool to create their ads for banner as not all will be worth the trust. They should select only a tool that gives them a chance to make as attractive as possible. More so, the tool should give the benefits of designing multiple designs at once.

More so, while selecting the tool, businesses should look whether they get the option to design multiple designs and then the option to keep the best and discard the rest. Once a good tool is found, it will surely help businesses save a lot of time and money, and efforts also, that often go into having attractive designs for their ads. Such a tool helps businesses leverage banner advertising even without hiring a team of designers. In a way, it’s now possible to get a tool doing all the tasks and saving you all the costs associated in keeping the staff for the same.

In overall, your business should capitalize on the advancements of technology to grow and realize its goals with ease. This is why it needs to find a feature-rich online banner design tool to get attractive ads of choice. After all, only having attractive designs can help it convey its ideas and messages to the target audience in the desired manner. If such a tool is found, then things will become extremely easy for businesses as then they can maximize their investment in banner advertising. And this is how goals are realized and success is achieved.

Chrome Flash Keeps Crashing

Adobe Flash Player extension may crash while surfing websites in Google Chrome. This is a frustrating problem that prevents watching multimedia content online.


1. Reinstall Adobe Flash Player Extension

2. Repair Chrome Registry Entries

3. Do Not Run Google Chrome with Sandbox Feature

4. Update Graphics and Network Driver

5. Delete Cache Contents

6. Repair Problem with Bluetooth Streaming Video

Reinstall Adobe Flash Player Extension

If your Chrome Flash keeps crashing, uninstall Adobe Flash Player extension and reinstall it as instructed below:

1. Open Chrome.

2. Type the following in the Address Bar:


3. From Adobe Flash Player section, click Uninstall link.

4. Follow the on screen instructions.

5. Visit Adobe website and download Adobe Flash Player extension again.

Repair Chrome Registry Entries

Chrome saves its configurations and user preferences in the Windows Registry. Chrome Flash keeps crashing due to these obsolete registry entries. That is why, do a full registry scan through a good Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer and remove the problems that are found.

Do Not Run Google Chrome with Sandbox Feature

If Chrome Flash keeps crashing, run Chrome without Sandbox mode. The steps are as follows:

1. Click Start | All Programs | Google Chrome.

2. Right click Google Chrome shortcut and select Properties.

3. Modify the Target textbox, add the following instruction next to the existing target location:


4. Click Apply | OK.

Update Graphics and Network Drivers

Hardware acceleration may become the cause of Chrome Flash crashing if installed graphics driver is outdated. You are recommended to install latest updates for your Graphics and Network Driver. Download these updates from the respective manufacturer’s website.

Delete Cache Contents

Google Chrome stores the most frequently visited web pages in its cache. Corrupted cache files may result in Chrome Flash crashing problem. It is recommended to clear cache using the System Cleaner feature in a PC Optimizer software.

Repair Problem with Bluetooth Streaming Video

Sometimes Chrome Flash keeps crashing due to a problem with the Bluetooth streaming video. Just delete a file called BtwVdpCapFilter.dll using Command Prompt as mentioned below.

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories.

2. Right click Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator.

3. Type the following command:

Del C:WindowsSystem32BtwVdpCapFilter.dll

4. Press ENTER.

5. Close Command Prompt and restart the computer.

Highly Recommended

Create Computer Games – Get Started on Creating Your Own Virtual Worlds

I’ve always loved video games, ever since I first played them on a friend’s computer in the afternoon after elementary school. There’s something almost magical about the fact that we can move images around and interact with virtual worlds, a living fantasy presented for us to interact with however we please. I’ve also always wanted to make games myself but, until recently, didn’t have the technical knowledge to do so. Now, I’m a second year software engineering student, so if I weren’t able to code a game without too many dramas there’d be something drastically wrong. But what about the common person: the person for whom the term ‘memory leak’ conjures up images of their grandfather, ‘pipeline’ is where the water flows, and ‘blitting’ is unheard of? Well, everyone can get in on the game creation process, and you don’t even need to learn ‘real’ programming to do so.

So where do games start? With an idea. Games, like all fiction, require an idea to be successful. Sure, in the same way you can just sit down and write a story without foresight, you can jump on in and slap a game together. However, unless you get ridiculously lucky, the best works are usually the ones that have been well thought out beforehand.

There are two methods of planning a project. You can start from a known technological standpoint and build your project on top of that or you can just go for the design, add as many features and ideas as you like, and then remove the ones that you can’t use when you’ve decided on the technology you’re going to implement the game with. In general, the second type is probably the best one to go with when designing games. When you’re first starting out however, the first option will save you many headaches.

So, for a first game you’re going to want a pretty simple idea. Don’t get me wrong, crazy-go-nuts game ideas are fantastic, and there should be more of them out there, but you’re not going to be able to create a real world simulator with fifty billion virtual people all interacting real time with your actions having a butterfly effect on the future of the virtual universe when it’s just your first game. Really. Many people try it; none that I know of have succeeded. Imitation is the best way to start out. Simple games such as ‘Space Invaders’, ‘Tetris’, ‘Pacman’ or even ‘Pong’ are great places to start. All are largely simple to create but have some inherent challenges. ‘Pacman’ for example, requires path finding for the ghosts. I recommend that you start even simpler than that for your very first attempt. ‘Space Invaders’ is a nice point to jump in. You can make a simple, complete game without much effort and it’s almost infinitely extensible.

If you’re stuck for an idea, pick a genre that you enjoy. Do you love adventure games such as ‘Monkey Island’, ‘Grim Fandango’, ‘Space Quest’, ‘King’s Quest’ etc.? Design one of those. Are you into fighting games like ‘Street Fighter’, ‘Tekken’, ‘Soul Calibur’, ‘Mortal Kombat’ and so on? Come up with an idea for that. Do you like first person shooters such as ‘Quake’, ‘Half Life’ or ‘Doom’? I don’t recommend it as a first project, but you can always give it a go. Feel free to be as generic as you like, this is a learning experience after all.

Now that you have your idea it’s time to flesh it out. Don’t worry about the technology or the fact that you may not know how to actually implement a game just yet, just grab yourself some paper and a pencil and go crazy with ideas. Describe the main characters, game play, goals, interactions, story, and key mappings, anything you can think of. Make sure you have enough detail so that someone can read through the notes and play through the game in their head with relative accuracy. Changing game design during the coding process is almost always a bad idea. Once it’s set, it should remain set until the tweaking phase (I’ll go into this more later) or you’re likely to enter ‘development hell’, where the project goes on and on; more and more work is done with less and less outcome.

At the end of this period of your game creation, you should have the following:

– A written outline of the game’s characters and possibly a sketch or two (be they space ships, yellow circles, cars or the prince of the dark kingdom of Falgour, you need to know who or what the player will be and who they will compete against)

– A written outline of the story (if there is one, this isn’t too vital for ‘Space Invaders’ or ‘Tetris’, but for ‘Uber Quest: An Adventure of Awesomeness’ it’s a really good idea)

– A description of game play, written or storyboarded. Storyboards are visual representations of ideas. Draw your characters in actions, with arrows showing the flow of action and short written descriptions detailing the events occurring in your image (because some of us aren’t fantastic artists and our images can be a little… open to interpretation…)

Now that you have a fleshed out idea, it’s time to work out how this will all get put together. If you’ve gotten to this point and are worried that you’re going to have to spend years learning complex programming languages in order to implement your idea, fear not! Others have already done the hard yards for you. There are many RAD (Rapid Application Development) Tools available for game creation, a number of which are available for free online. Some of them still require you to learn a ‘scripting language’ (a simplified programming language made for a specific task) but in general this isn’t too complicated or involved. I’ve compiled a brief list of some of these I have found at the end of the article. The free ones are listed first, organized by game genre.

Well, that should be enough to get you started in the creation of your game. The most important thing to remember once you’ve gotten this far is that you need to complete your game. Many people start a project and then lose interest and it fails, or they keep moving on to one new project after another without finishing anything. Start small, build a working (if simple) game that is, above all else, complete. When you get to this stage you will always have a huge number of things that you wish to change, fix etc. but you’ll get a great feeling from knowing that it is, in its way, finished.

From this point, you can start the tweaking phase. Play your game a few times and ask others to do the same. Take note of what isn’t fun or could be better and change things here. At this stage, it is more important than ever to keep backups of previous versions so that if a change doesn’t work you can go back and try something different without losing any of your work. It is at this point that you can add all new features, improve graphics and sounds, whatever you please, safe in the knowledge that you’re working on a solid foundation.

When you’re happy with your game, why not share it with the world? There are many cheap or free places out there for you to host your files on and then you can jump on link lists and forums and let everyone know about your creation. Well, I hope that this has been a helpful introduction into the art of creating games. It’s a great deal of fun, and can open whole new avenues of creative expression for you to explore. Jump in and have fun!


General Game Creation:

(Tools that allow easy creation of many different game types)

Game Maker:


Adventure Games:

(Games such as Monkey Island, King’s Quest, Space Quest etc.)

Adventure Game Studio: []


3D Adventure Studio:

ADRIFT (for text adventures):

Role Playing Games (RPGs):

(Games such as Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Diablo)


RPG Toolit:

Fighting Games:

(Games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Soul Calibur etc.)


MUGEN (unfortunately the site is largely in French):

Side-Scrolling Games:

(Games such as the 2D Mario Games, Sonic the Hedgehog, Double Dragon etc.)

The Scrolling Game Development Kit:

There are many others available as well. One particularly useful site for finding game creation tools is:

Also of note, although not freeware, are the excellent game creation tools available by Clickteam at: []

Klik and Play and The Games Factory in particular are the programs to have a look at and download the free demos of.

If you really want to do things right and program the game yourself, there are some excellent programming resources available at the following locations:

Java Game Programming:

Visual Basic Game Programming:


C++ Game Programming:

General Information:

How To Repair The Acer D2D Recovery

This tutorial can also help to do it on other computer brands

Disclaimer : First of all you must be aware that some of the operations to come can cause irreversible change on your hard disk, I recommend to you and I will never make it enough make a backup of your system before launching you in any hazardous operation. Any damage and/or modification done on your system will be under your whole responsibility. The following procedures were done on a Acer Aspire 5102wlmi and some also functioned on a Dell Inspiron 9400/1705.

As you know, the Acer computers and those of other manufacturers are now delivered with a system of restoration installed in a hidden partition of your hard disk. This system launches out while pressing keys ALT+F10 simultaneously. And sometimes for various reasons this system ceases functioning.

The first cause often comes owing to the fact that function D2D Recovery is disable in the bios (menu principal).

The solution : enable the function and try to press keys ALT+F10 during the starting of the computer.

The second cause : in this case hidden partition PQSERVICE was erased or damaged, or you replaced the disc and in this case it is not present.

The solution : If you did not previously make a backup of your system by making an image disc. It will not be possible to use the D2D recovery. Your only hope will be to have in your possession Acer Recovery CD/DVD.

And the third causes : the Acer Master Boot Record (MBR)was damaged or replaced by non-Acer MBR. As long as partition PQSERVICE is present or that you can put the hand on the necessary Acer files you can reinstall the MBR of Acer.

The solution :

First method : on a functional Windows system:

1 disable the D2D recovery option of the bios.

2 open a Windows session with an account administrator.

3 Download, unzip and launch partedit32(registration required for download).

4 Identify the Pqservice partition by its size (at the bottom of the partedit window there is a partition information box) it is a small sized partition approximately 2 to 6 Go.Once made change the type of your partition into 0C and save. Restart and open a session with an administrator account, you should be able to navigate to the PQservice partition. Seek these two files mbrwrdos.exe and rtmbr.bin once localised open a command prompt and launch this command mbrwrdos.exe install rtmbr.bin, this will install the Acer MBR. Close the command prompt window restart again Windows go into the bios and reactivate the D2D recovery. Now ALT+F10 should launch Acer recovery at the starting of the computer.

Second method : On a nonfunctional Windows system.

For that you must use a Linux distribution (for me Mandriva provided all the tools necessary).

1 Boot on the Mandriva install CD/DVD the boot menu will give you the possibility to repair or to restore the Windows boot loader.

2 If that is not enough launch an installation of linux(this will be an occasion to test this terrible OS) and choose LILO as boot loader(a boot menu that allow you to choose between several operating systems) once finished the installation. Restart your computer in the boot loader menu system you will have at least 2 Windows options the first generally point to PQservice choose it and you will boot directly into acer D2D recovery.

The last solution is the simplest one, just note that during the Linux installation you will have to resize your Windows partition to create a place for a new Linux partition it is the most perilous part because irreversible, therefore take your precautions at this time.

Cunnilingus Tutorial – 4 Licks All Men Should Know

When you go down on a woman the one thing you may be thinking about above all is “how long will it take once I start to lick before she is able to come?”

This is a very valid question but is secondary and should be put in the back of your mind. Instead you should focus on the types of licks that your woman will respond to the best. Making her feel good and relaxed has much higher priority than the time you’ll be spending.

There are 4 licks that all guys should become familiar with and they are:

  • Ice Cream Cone
  • Up and Down Each Side
  • Circle
  • Side to Side Flick

Mastering these 4 licks can help you figure out what gets her going and can ultimately head to you being able to find your rhythm. Once you are able to put together that magical combination of licks and finger strokes that brings your lady to the brink then you are as good as gold. It all starts with the big 4 parts of the cunnilingus tutorial.

Ice Cream Cone:

This one is just as it sounds. Make your tongue as wide and flat as possible and start from the bottom and slowly make your way to the top. You want to cover a lot of ground and make each lick as long, fluid and continuous as possible. The Ice Cream Cone licks is best used when making a transition from one tongue technique to another.

Up and Down Each Side & Circle:

These two are definitely better when used together. Much of giving cunnilingus is finding the right combination of licks and having your woman be relaxed enough to be able to willingly receive them.

After you’ve kissed all areas of her vagina using only your lips and then transitioned with a few long and succulent Ice Cream Cone licks you should be ready to really hunker down and find a rhythm. The Up and Down lick is great for this experimental phase.

The key to this basic yet powerhouse move is that you want to use your fingers to hold open her labia just enough for your tongue to run up and down the channels between her inner and outer lips along both sides of her clitoris.

Circles (again):

Circling her clitoris with your tongue can be a great way to both mix things up for you and your tongue while at the same time keeping a rhythm that allows her to continue building up towards an orgasm. When you circle your tongue should not be wide and flat, instead make it a little more pointed. Also, try to maintain constant contact and not lift up your tongue too much.

Side-to-Side Flick:

If done properly and at the right time this one could take her over the top. By now you woman should be fully aroused and you should have a rhythm working. If things are going right then she may be moving her hips closer to your face or pushing your head down closer to her crotch. When she is showing these signs or her special move or noises that let you know she is close then you want to take your tongue and flick from side to side directly on her clitoris. You are moving your tongue horizontally. This is one of the few times that you want to lick her clitoris directly.

Why Does YouTube Crash? How to Fix YouTube Crashes

It is certainly frustrating when YouTube crashes on you while watching an online video, sometimes even taking crashing your browser with it. Just like with many other computer-related issues, a YouTube crash is often taken for granted by many folks. If your YouTube is slow or YouTube freezes on you, there are easy ways to solve this problem. Below are a few recommended ways to fix YouTube crashes so that you can watch your online videos or upload your own videos without any worries.

Clear your cache and history. Watching a lot of videos will fill up your browser’s cache fast and will also clutter up your browser history. Clearing your cache and history will make sure your browser has enough resources to play videos smoothly and without glitches. Additionally, this will also make other websites load faster and it will also make your browser launch more quickly.

Update your sound drivers and Flash player. A lot of online videos depend heavily on Adobe’s Flash player to deliver their content to your computer. Often times, users neglect to update this piece of software which leads to a lot of crashes in YouTube. A corrupted Flash player not only causes issues with YouTube but other sites as well and is often a major security hole that lets malware into your computer if not updated regularly. A Flash update often includes speed upgrades as well so not only will it solve YouTube crashes, it will also make videos load faster and run smoother.

Fix your registry. File association errors are a big reason why YouTube keeps crashing. These are found in your system registry and not only affect your browser, but also other programs as well. The ideal tool to fix this is a registry cleaning tool. This simple and handy app makes it easy to put your registry in order to fix any ActiveX and similar errors preventing your online videos from running smoothly. 

Your system registry is an important part of your computer system and keeping it healthy and full-functioning not only fixes YouTube crashes but also makes your entire PC run more efficiently. While this doesn’t ensure you won’t get a YouTube crash in the future, it will certainly keep them at a minimum. So you don’t need to worry anymore about YouTube crashing the next time you watch a viral video or even when you’ve been rickrolled.

Multimedia Fusion 2 Tutorial – Making a Scrolling Background

Setting Up

First we need to create a new application. In the top, left corner, there is an icon that looks like a piece of blank paper. Click that to begin. To the left there is a box labeled, Workspace Toolbar. In the workspace, we see our application, which is symbolized by the red sphere with the lightning bolt. Under that we see Frame 1. Click on that first frame. Now we need to open the layer toolbar if it is not yet visible. At the very top, click on View / Toolbars / Layers Toolbar.

Creating the Background

In our blank frame, right click the white space and select Insert Object. Under Background, select Quick Backdrop. Now we’re going to change its properties in the Properties Toolbar on the left. With the quick backdrop selected, find the setting, Type. Change it to Motif. Now if you want, you can right click the object and edit it. I’ve changed my blue X into a red arrow. Now click on Frame 1 in the workspace. Its properties tell us that the size is 640 by 480, so we are going to resize our background to fit the frame. Select the quick backdrop (you have to select it from the white space in the frame for this option to enable). Under Size / Position, change the width to 640 and the height to 480. Then, to make sure the object is in the frame perfectly, change both the X and Y values to 0. Press Control+S on your keyboard to save.

Frame and Layer Properties

Select the Frame 1 from the workspace. We’re going to adjust its properties. Change the Virtual Width to -1. This means that when we run the application, whatever object that is moving from side to side will continue to scroll forever. By only changing the virtual width (and not the height), we will only be scrolling right or left. I’m going to also select a background color. You can click on the RGB box, where they have many color options. Now find the layers toolbar to the right. There should be just one layer, click on it. Now we should see its properties. Check the Wrap Horizontally box.

Event Editor

Press Ctrl+E to bring up the event editor. Click on New condition. Right click on Special (the icon of the two computers) and select Always. At the top of the editing window, there are a few icons: Special, sound, storyboard controls, the timer, etc. Right click in the white box across from the event Always and under Storyboard Controls. Move the mouse to scrollings and choose Center horizontal position of window in frame. A new window should pop up. Click the button that says Retrieve data from an object. Under storyboard controls, select frame and then x coordinate of left visible edge. Now the text box should say X Left Frame in blue. Type +321 and click ok. Now save your changes.

Test it Out

On your keyboard, press F8 to run the application. Your background should now be scrolling to the left!

Making Online Ads More Effective With Flash Banner Design

Promotion of products and services are part and parcel of any business today. It is not possible to survive in business if your customers are not aware of your presence. This is all the more applicable for businesses that thrive online. You might be having a great looking website with quality content, but still the sales figures are not impressive. In such a case, you have to promote your business website online.

As far as internet marketing is concerned, it s Flash banner design that does the trick! It not only helps in driving more traffic to your site, but also makes online promotions more effective.

The task is not as simple as it seems. Designing a site in Flash is more difficult than building ordinary HTML pages. The designers have to intelligently use fonts, animation, colors and links in the ad to capture audience attention quickly.

If you are thinking of hiring any freelancer for the job, then abandon such thoughts at once. Do not experiment with the look of your banner, else you will have reason to repent later. A badly designed banner will have a detrimental effect on your business.

Incorporate Product Visuals And Logo

The company logo and a few product images should be part of your banner. If it is professionally created, then prospects will spend 10-15 seconds looking at the graphics. Then, what is the need of adding the company logo? A logical question to ask. It is important because customers will not pay attention to an ad for more more than 15 seconds. The logo will help in memorizing your brand.

Keep File Size Less

Always include lighter and smaller Flash banners to market your site. Keeping file sizes small will make it load faster, and users will not be required to wait for several minutes to have a look at your advertisement. Nobody has that much of patience. Customers will skip the advertisement if it takes too long to load.

Synchronization in Design

If the header is also Flash based, then make sure that the banner ad synchronizes with the Flash header design. If the header is over done with excessive animations and effects, then audience attention will be diverted from the banner to the header. In such a case, the whole purpose of designing it will become futile.

Keep Animations Short And Simple

Users generally ignore advertisements. None of them have the time or patience to wait for long animated ads to load. If at all you want to promote your business using animations, keep them short and simple. It should not be more than 30 seconds. Whatever message you have to deliver should be done within those few seconds.

Smart Catch Phrases or One Liners

In banner ads, there are space constraints. You cannot afford to include long paragraphs to convey a promotional message. The best way is integrating a short catchphrase. It will motivate visitors to visit the product and service page of your website. Get the job done by a Flash design expert if you wish to include flying or blinking messages.

What are your experiences on it? Comment below.

Smartphone Skins – HTC Skins and GPS Skins by XO Skins

The Insatiable Need for the Latest Gadget

Many of you reading this are like me; you have to get your hands on the latest and greatest gadgets. Awed by the technology, features, and most current human achievements designed to dazzle your imagination. Many of these new devices are designed to either entertain, make our lives easier or both. People anxiously wait in lines outside stores, overnight sometimes, to get the latest gadgets spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on their shiny new device. An entire industry has subsequently been born for accessories to protect these devices. Cases, pouches, skins, screen protectors, guards, shields, and armors developed to keep your expensive new toys from baring scars from the abuses of daily life.

Scratches are one of my biggest fears when I get a new gadget. My latest toy, the HTC Google Nexus One, is my shiny new companion and daily I am discovering the amazing things this phone can do. The very first thing I did after ordering it was order a full body and screen protector from XO Skins. With clean hands and a little concentration, this clear protector went on fairly easily and is nearly invisible. I have had many gadgets the past few years and have suffered with the bulky and flimsy cases that detract from the beauty of my newest toy. This is no longer the case and XO Skins now has a fan for life. To my horror only 2 days after installing the clear skin I dropped my phone and it skidded across my driveway. I rushed to pick up my phone fearing the worst and brushed the grit off of it. There were no marks, nothing! I couldn’t even tell I had dropped it!

So here I am typing up the story of the Nexus One that could, the XO Skins shielding and guarding it from damage, and the clumsy geek who can’t hang on to his expensive toys. If you are like me, your phone is like a digital leash, an endless supply of information at your fingertips, connecting you at the speed of light to friends and information a world away. If you told someone you could harness a connection to the whole of human knowledge in the palm of your hand a hundred years ago, you would have been burned at the stake. We truly live in a remarkable age with seemingly endless potential. Maybe that explains our relentless pursuit to have the greatest gadget connecting us at a millisecond faster than our old device.

Obtaining the Nexus One was not as difficult as some of my past gadgets. I didn’t have to camp in front of a store, braving the elements, I ordered it from the comfort of my home and got it the next day at my front door. Now how’s that for awesome? Thank you, Google. While I do miss the collective buzz of anticipation waiting in front of a store, it was nice as an early adopter, to not have to. Who knows, maybe one day Google will have a physical store and those wanting to camp on cement will get their chance. Either way, with or without the sacrifice and struggle of obtaining my Google phone, I still have the desire to take care of it, and my XO Skins has done just that.

In checking out their site at you will see a YouTube video on the left where they batter an iPhone half protected with their screen protector and the other half bare naked. As you can imagine the naked side is destroyed and unusable. They then peel away the left side that was covered by the XO Skin revealing a new looking iPhone screen, completely scratch free. On the right side next to the video you will see a flash banner with testimonials from industry experts illustrating the strength and clarity of these skins. Check it out for yourself, they are not limited to just cell phone skins and screen protectors. They cover cell phones, smart phones, laptops, iPads, GPS devices, MP3 and media players, and gaming devices like the PSP and Nintendo DSI. I have chosen to keep my phone scratch free, will you?

Cell Phones Since 2000

In the God’s breath of a decade, but an instant in time, cell phones have morphed into creations barely imagined just a decade ago. With all the improvements, one thing remains true: They still break, and independent repair shops are more needed than ever.

Back in 2000, when your thirteen-year-old was just a baby, there was a great commotion about the Samsung Uproar. The first MP3 phone; it was the rage. Its storage capacity was a whopping 64 MB, you could talk on the thing for more than two hours (its battery life allowed 130 minutes of talk time), although it didn’t have a camera, or WiFi, or GPS, and you had to dial in your voice commands, had no apps stored or available and cost $399, you didn’t care. You wanted one, because in 2000, 1 out of 10 people in the world, including some of those you knew and envied, owned one.

Fast forward to the year 2009, why don’t you? Your 13-year-old is now 12, as it’s last year. You just bought an Apple iPhone 3GS for Nimrod, your greedy not-so-little one. Nimrod’s toy has a storage capacity of 16 GB, which is a lot more than 64 MB. The iPhone’s battery life allows Nimrod to talk to his friend for 5 hours straight, a privilege that your loquacious 12-year-old is more than capable of, primarily due to his lung capacity, which is decent because your son doesn’t smoke, like you used to. His phone does have a camera, 3.0 megapixel, with full video recording and editing capabilities, it does WiFi, it has turn by turn GPS and digital compass; Nimrod can do voice commands with full voice control, yes he can talk Obama, and he merrily accesses the iTunes app store and can easily get 100,000+ apps, yes he can. You purchased this device last year for only $199.00. Last year, when you bought it, the thing worked, now, Nimrod managed to break it: Dad, I got to have my iPhone back, 6 out of 10 people in the world have one, please dad, pretty please with peanut butter on top?

Thank God you know of an independent repair shop down the street where expert service technicians are behind the counter ready to serve you… and especially young Nimrod. Time waits for no one; he’s a teenager now, no longer a tweener.